An early draft of Digitalisation Strategy and Action Plan guidance is available

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This guidance will help us ensure that there is transparency about the digital services that are available on the energy system and that upcoming service improvements are well planned and best meet the needs of consumers.


In September 2019 we asked energy network companies to publish a strategy for how they are digitalising the energy system. We set the expectation that these strategies and the work to deliver them will evolve iteratively, in response to ongoing feedback from stakeholders.

In December 2019 the energy network companies all published their Digitalisation Strategy and in May 2020 we published our feedback on RIIO digitalisation strategies, including our asking for updated versions to be published by December 2020 and for these updates to also include an accompanying Digitisation Action Plan.

We have since consulted on including licence obligations for making ongoing updates to a company’s Digitalisation Strategy and Action Plan as part of our processes for designing the RIIO-2 and RIIO-ED2 price controls.

To support this, we are developing guidance on our expectations for a Digitalisation Strategy and Action Plan. We’ve now made a first draft of the guidance available.

Where can I read the guidance?

We have published an early draft version version of this, you can find it here. This is not yet a first draft and it will change. We are publishing our progress so far to help understand and plan for regulation and to ensure we get feedback on the guidance as it emerges, so we can improve it.

I want to give feedback

Great, feedback improves what we deliver. To share your views on the guidance please write to us using

We have also arranged the first workshop for Digitalisation Strategies and Action Plan guidance. Please join via Eventbrite, here

What should I expect next?

We will be carrying out more engagement activities about the guidance; and expect to run workshops on this theme between November 2020 & March 2021. We intend to carry out a consultation on the guidance in early 2021, that consultation will also include consulting over our other emerging guidance on Data Best Practice.