An early draft of Data Best Practice guidance is available

Reports, plans and updates

What have we done so far?

We annouced our work to create Data best Practice guidance in November 2019. This is part of our wider work with the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) and Innovate UK in our joint efforts "Modernising Energy Data".

For this Data Best Practice guidance work we are also working with our delivery partner, the Energy Systems Catapult (ESC). The ESC have already led three Data Best Practice workshops with stakeholders, you can see more about these events on their website. The ESC have also carried out engagements with stakeholders that have contacted them directly.

We are collating and making use of existing advice on effective use of data wherever possible. Through combining this prior work and also the learnings from our current engagements, we have begun drafting the guidance.

We are working openly

Openness makes it easier for us to obtain stakeholder feedback that that allows us to make improvements to the guidance. It also ensures we get that feedback at an early stage, helping deliver good quality guidance as quickly as possible.

Being open throughout the development of the guidance has the added benefit of giving an early indication to its stakeholders of what to expect from it. This is making it easier for organisations to plan and improve their data-driven services for the benefit of consumers.

I want to give feedback

Great, feedback improves what we deliver. To share your views on the guidance please write to the ESC using the email address on their website.

If you have other views on this theme, but that are not directly about the guidance, you can write to us at Ofgem using the email address:

What should I expect next?

We will be carrying out more engagement activities about the guidance; the ESC will update their website with more details. 

Once we have a full first version of the guidance we will make it available on the Ofgem website, we anticipate this will include a list of things we want to do to continue to improve the guidance in future.