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Ofgem is today launching five consultations on proposals to ensure that the price cap reflects the costs, risks and uncertainties facing energy suppliers.

Stakeholder views are invited on any aspect of these documents by 17 December 2021. Stakeholders’ responses will inform our decisions. Ofgem intends to have all decisions published by the beginning of February 2022 for all the documents, except the Covid-19 true up decision which is intended to be published by the beginning of August 2022.

  1. Consultation on the potential impact of increased wholesale volatility on the default tariff cap

    This consultation considers whether the recent market volatility has caused the level of the price cap to materially depart from the efficient cost level allowed for in the price cap.

  2. Consultation on the process for updating the Default Tariff Cap methodology and setting maximum charges

    This consultation sets out proposals to modify the licence to introduce an ability for Ofgem to amend the cap outside of our routine six-month cycle, where exceptional circumstances (which are rare and would have high impacts without urgent action) occur.

  3. Consultation on the true-up process for COVID-19 costs

    Ofgem previously concluded that the COVID-19 pandemic had resulted in additional material costs, specifically debt-related costs for credit meter default tariff customers. This consultation sets out how Ofgem will determine the final additional debt-related costs as a result of COVID-19. 

  4. Consultation on reflecting End User Categories in the default tariff cap

    The proposed change will allow for a more appropriate reflection of efficient costs associated with prepayment meter customers from cap period eight onward.

  5. Consultation on Energy Company Obligation scheme allowance methodology in the default tariff cap

    This consultation proposes a new input that will enable Ofgem to allow for the costs of the ECO4 scheme. It also includes a contingency given that the scheme is yet to be approved by Parliament.

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