Green, Fair Future: Ofgem's COP26 programme

Ofgem is determined not just to do everything we can to support a carbon-neutral future in the UK but to use the momentum of the UN conference to accelerate greener, fairer energy globally through collaboration on learnings and best practice.

We can all work together within our sectors across the world to meet our 2050 goals, supporting a transition to a more efficient, zero carbon energy system of the future while protecting our customers’ interests.

Jonathan Brearley, Ofgem chief executive


Regulatory Energy Transition Accelerator

Launched at COP26, the Accelerator is a global initiative to enhance the capacity of regulators to increase the speed of the clean energy transition. Open to all regulators and developed by Ofgem, the International Energy Agency, International Renewable Energy Agency and World Bank.

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Sustainable Futures Energy Forum

A partnership between Ofgem and Sustainability First announced during COP26. The new online forum aims to bring a wider range of voices and interests to help shape decision-making in the UK energy sector. Launching in early 2022, we're keen to hear from younger people and youth groups (18-24) in particular. 

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Innovation Link

Looking to trial or launch new products, services, methodologies or business models? Ofgem's Innovation Link can help you understand what GB energy market rules might mean for you. It includes the Energy Regulation Sandbox to help pilot or bring to market new ideas without some of the usual rules applying.

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Today at COP26: Finance

Today at COP26: Energy

Accelerating the Energy Transition Conference

Today at COP26: Youth and Public Empowerment


Today at COP26: Inclusion and Innovation

Today at COP26: Nature, Adaption, Loss and Damage


Today at COP26: Transport

Today at COP26: Cities, Regions and Built Environment

Seminar: Energy transition for economists

Seminar: GB consumer and behavioural Insights

Electric vehicle future

Full-chain flexibility

Regulating for a green, fair future

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The road to electric transport

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Energy system flexibility

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