Watch on-demand: The Road to Electric Transport event - 6 July 2021

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On Tuesday 6 July 2021, Ofgem hosted Green, Fair Future: The Road to Electric Transport event. This is part of our programme of events ahead of COP26 to bring together the international regulatory community on our countries' collective climate ambitions and enabling energy-related decarbonisation. 

The event focused on how the rollout of electric vehicles is being supported around the world as well as the latest GB research and insights on consumer behaviour in electric vehicle adoption, and panel discussions.

Watch the recordings  below.

Welcome and introduction
Jonathan Brearley, Chief Executive, Ofgem

Part one of the event: 

  • Electric vehicles in the global south (00:00)
    Mark Howells, Professor and Principle Research Fellow, Loughborough University and Imperial College 
  • International case studies and panel discussion: Emerging EV technologies (13:20)

Part two of the event: 

  • International case studies and panel discussion: System Planning & Operation for EVs (13:35)
  • International case studies and panel discussion: Equity and Inclusivity in EVs (45:47)

Part three of the event: 

  • Ofgem’s consumer research: qualitative research findings with electric vehicle drivers (11:05)
    Beth Moon, Head of Customer and Behavioural Insight, Ofgem
  • Panel discussion: The consumer experience for EV’s (22:55)
  • Closing Remarks (1:17:00)
    Neil Kenward, Director of Strategy and Decarbonisation, Ofgem

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