NIRO scheme closure

The NIRO scheme closed to micro-NIRO wind, on 1 July 2016. The NIRO closes to all technologies from 1 April 2017. 

If you commission and submit a NIRO application to us before 1 April 2017 you will receive existing ROC support levels. After this new stations, or additional capacity, must be eligible for a grace period to be accredited – please see our guidance on wind and other technologies for details on the grace periods available. 


What is an agent?

An agent, as defined in the Renewables Obligation Order 2009, can be appointed only to act on behalf of the operator of a generating station with a declared net capacity of 50kW or less (a microgenerator). Once appointed, an agent carries out all the functions of the operator.

What does an agent do?

An agent can complete the following on behalf of a generating station:

  • seek accreditation and manage amendments
  • deal with queries raised by Ofgem
  • sign declarations
  • collect and submit output data
  • claim NIROCs & REGOs.

Do I need to appoint an agent?

No. This is the choice of the owner of the generating station. You are also able to apply for the scheme as an individual (see Apply for the RO for more details) or by using a third party. Third parties are not considered to be agents unless they are appointed under the provisions set out in the scheme legislation.

How do I appoint an agent?

Once you have approached an agent you need to fill in and sign the agent appointment form in order for the agent to act on your behalf. Once this has been submitted to us by your chosen agent, and we are happy that the form is filled out correctly, we will consider the appointment complete.

How do I become an agent?

In order to become an agent, you will need to create an 'agent account' on the Renewables and CHP Register. You can then add your generating stations to this. More information on the steps to do this can be found in our guidance for agents.

What happens if I want to terminate my agent's appointment?

An operator/agent agreement should usually last until the end of an obligation period. Both operators of generating stations and the agents have the option to terminate their agent contract. The termination will take effect from 1 April of the new obligation period unless the contract is terminated in exceptional circumstances. When an operator switches agent, or no longer wishes to have an agent, NIROCs relating to the earlier obligation period will be issued to the original agent. This is a requirement under the Renewables Obligation Orders. For example, if Agent A was acting on behalf of the operator for the 2009/10 obligation period but the operator switched to agent B for the 2010/11 obligation period, any NIROCs relating to the earlier obligation period would still go to agent A. Similarly, if Agent A was acting on behalf of the operator for the 2009/10 obligation period and the agent contract was terminated part way through the obligation period, NIROCs would continue to be issued to the agent where those NIROCs relate to electricity generated during that obligation period.

Need help?

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