What happens if the energy supplier to your business goes bust?

Ofgem's safety net will ensure you’ll always have an energy supply

Advice for households

Domestic energy customer? View our guidance and support for if your energy supplier goes bust

If your business energy supplier has gone bust

  1. Take a meter reading, sit tight and don’t switch

    You will continue to move to your chosen supplier if you already have a switch in progress.

  2. Wait for Ofgem to appoint a new supplier

    You don’t need to do anything. Your supply won’t be disrupted and it should only take us a few days, up to a maximum of 14 days. Ofgem’s safety net will protect your supply so you won’t notice anything is different. If Ofgem finds you a new supplier, your new supplier will contact you directly. 

    In exceptional circumstances, we may appoint an administrator to run your existing supplier rather than move you to a new one. If this happens, your existing supplier will contact you about this and explain what is happening.   

  3. When the new supplier contacts you

    Ask about the business tariffs available to you with them. Before you agree to a new contract, you can also choose to shop around and switch if you want to. You won’t be charged exit fees.


Recent supplier exits and take-over suppliers

Bulb Energy entered energy supply company administration under a Special Administration Regime on 24 November 2021. This special process protects essential services that may otherwise be interrupted if normal insolvency processes were used. Bulb serve around 1.6 million domestic customers and 12 thousand non-domestic customers. View our guidance for Bulb Energy customers


Old supplier

Customer base

New supplier

18 February 2022

Whoop Energy

  • 50 domestic
  • 212 non-domestic
Yü Energy Retail Limited
18 February 2022 Xcel Power Ltd
  • 274 non-domestic
Yü Energy Retail Limited
18 January 2022 Together Energy Retail Ltd
  • 176,000 domestic
  • 1 non-domestic
1 December 2021 Zog Energy Limited
  • 11,700 domestic
EDF from 4 December 2021
25 November 2021 Orbit Energy Limited
  • 65,000 domestic
Scottish Power from 1 December 2021
25 November 2021 Entice Energy
  • 5,400 domestic
Scottish Power from 28 November 2021
16 November 2021 Neon Reef Limited
  • 30,000 domestic
British Gas from 21 November 2021
16 November 2021 Social Energy Supply Ltd
  • 5,500 domestic
British Gas from 21 November 2021
3 November 2021 CNG Energy Limited
  • 41,000 non-domestic
Pozitive Energy from 7 November 2021
2 November 2021 Omni Energy Limited
  • c 6,000
  • domestic
Utilita from 7 November 2021
2 November 2021 MA Energy Limited
  • c 300 non-domestic
SmartestEnergy from 7 November 2021
2 November 2021 Zebra Power Limited
  • c 14,800 domestic
British Gas from 7 November 2021
2 November 2021 Ampoweruk Ltd
  • c 600 domestic
  • c 2,000 non-domestic
Yü Energy from 7 November 2021
1 November 2021

Bluegreen Energy Services Limited

  • c 5,900 domestic
  • non-domestic
British Gas from 7 November 2021

18 October

GOTO Energy

  • c22,000 domestic

Shell Energy from 21 October 2021

14 October


  • c9,000 domestic and non-domestic

Shell Energy from 17 October 2021

13 October

Pure Planet

  • c235,000 domestic

Shell Energy from 17 October 2021

13 October

Colorado Energy

  • C15,000 domestic

Shell Energy from 17 October 2021

29 September


  • c6,000 domestic

E.ON Next from 3 October 2021

29 September

Igloo Energy

  • c179,000 domestic

E.ON Next from 3 October 2021

29 September

Symbio Energy

  • c48,000 domestic
  • non-domestic

E.ON Next from 3 October 2021

22 September

Avro Energy

  • c580,000 domestic

Octopus Energy from 26 September 2021

22 September

Green Supplier Limited ('Green.')

  • c255,000 domestic
  • non-domestic

Shell Energy from 27 September 2021

14 September

People's Energy

  • c350,000 domestic
  • c1,000 non-domestic

British Gas from 19 September 2021

14 September

Utility Point

  • c220,000 domestic

EDF from 18 September 2021

7 September

PFP Energy

  • 82,000 domestic
  • 5,600 non-domestic

British Gas from 11 September 2021

7 September

MoneyPlus Energy

  • c9,000 domestic

British Gas from 11 September 2021

9 August

Hub Energy

  • c6,000 domestic
  • c9,000 non-domestic

E.ON Next from 13 August 2021

27 January

Green Network Energy

  • c360,000 domestic
  • non-domestic

EDF from Sunday 31 January 2021

27 January

Simplicity Energy

  • c50,000 domestic

British Gas Evolve from 31 January 2021


Your business energy supply

Account records and meter readings

Your business energy contract

Switching supplier

Business Energy accounts in debt or credit

Payments through direct debit

Complaints and contacts

Further help

Citizens Advice offers free, independent advice about business energy contracts and your rights in England and Wales. 

  • Call 0808 223 1133 or use their online webchat.
  • For textphone, dial 18001 followed by the helpline number. 
  • Someone at their Extra Help Unit could take on your case if you are having difficulties with a supplier and are in a .

You can also contact the government’s free Business Support Helplines

In Scotland, Advice Direct Scotland can help:

For energy efficiency advice, see our page Find business energy efficiency grants and schemes.

Ofgem's role

Read more about our powers to protect consumers when suppliers go out of business. 

How you’re protected when energy firms collapse

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