MHHS: Decision on Statutory Consultation on Proposals to Modify Standard Licence Condition 47

This document sets out the modifications we are making to SLC 47: “Smart Metering – Matters Relating to Obtaining and Using Consumption Data” of the Standard Conditions of Electricity Supply Licence.

These modifications are required in order to introduce the necessary data access requirements for the functioning of the new market-wide half-hourly settlement (MHHS) arrangements. MHHS will send accurate signals to suppliers about the cost of serving their customers throughout each day. This will place incentives on suppliers to offer new tariffs and products that encourage more flexible use of energy.

This decision is in response to our statutory consultation of 6 May 2022.

The decision document outlines our reasoning for our decisions to implement these modifications to the licence conditions, including how responses received to the statutory consultation have been taken into account.