DRAFT Renewables Obligation: Fuel Classification Flow Diagram

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This open letter is a draft Fuel Classification Flow Diagram for which we are seeking stakeholders feedback over a four week period. The diagram will be used in the Renewables Obligation (RO) scheme and will help generators, auditors and interested parties classify their fuels.

The aim of this flow diagram is to provide additional clarity on the classification of fuels under the RO and allow greater transparency on processes and decisions, and ensure greater consistency across fuels, operators and schemes.

We invited stakeholders to provide feedback on how they thought this draft fuel classification flow diagram on four specific questions. The consultation period for feedback closed on the 31 March 2016.

Update 20 June 2016

This document has been updated based on the comments and queries received from stakeholders, and the final version has now been published. A consultation listing the changes that have been made can be found below.