ECO Reporting Working Group: ECO3 Standardised Templates

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20th September 2018
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This page provides details of the standardised templates produced by the ECO Reporting Working Group in order to streamline the reporting process for the supply chain.

The documents have been revised in light of the new ECO3 scheme requirements which commenced on 3 December 2018. These documents apply to any measures delivered from 1 October 2018.

The previous versions of these documents relating to measures installed under ECO2t between 1 April 2017 and 30 September 2018 can be found on our website

Please note, all ERWG Documents are owned by and belong to the Supplier and Supply-chain Working Groups, and therefore are not the responsibility of Ofgem. For further information, see the ECO Reporting Working Group Terms of Reference.

You can access the following standardised reporting templates at the bottom of this page:

ECO3 Deemed Scores Survey - designed to assist installers in identifying the inputs that should be used to select the correct deemed score for a measure.

ECO3 Declaration of Conformity and Completed Installation - this document enables the customer and installer to sign for the handover of the measure, and make a declaration against a number of requirements. Ofgem has reviewed this and is satisfied that it meets our requirements for (i) handover to customer; (ii) the PAS declaration of conformity; (iii) the declaration of completed installation; (iv) the reason why 100 percent of a measure was not installed; and (v) confirmation that the premises was built before 1 October 2018 or was occupied before the measure was installed.

ECO3 Room-in-roof checklist - designed to assist installers in recording the pre and post installation details of a room-in-roof insulation measure, and to determine the percentage of the RIRI measure installed and the percentage of property treated (POPT) for the measure.

ECO3 Landlord or Management Company Permission – designed to help landlord and management companies give their consent for installing ECO measure(s). Please note that there is a separate template for Social housing E, F and G declaration & landlord permission and a template for Private housing FTCH declaration & private rented sector landlord permission.

ECO3 Privacy Notice - this document outlines the ways in which a consumer’s personal data may be processed and who it will be disclosed to. This document allows the consumer to sign to confirm that they are content with their data being shared with the parties listed.

Where a supplier or member of the supply chain is a controller for the purposes of the GDPR, it is their responsibility to ensure that their processing of any ECO-related data is compliant with the new regime. If they process or share data that is not covered by the Privacy Notice, they must provide separate information on this.

ECO3 Quality of Documentation – this document outlines best practice guidelines for stakeholders using written documents for the administration of ECO measures.

ECO3 Digital Software Guidelines - this document provides best practice guidelines for installers and suppliers using digital or electronic software for the administration of ECO measures.

ECO3 FTCH Drill Patterns Guidance – this document provides guidelines for using photographic evidence to demonstrate that the FTCH cavity wall pre-condition has been met. It should be read in conjunction with the ‘Pre-conditions for FTCH measures’ section of the ECO3 Guidance: Delivery.

Amendments – 27 September 2018

ECO3 Deemed Scores Survey - This document was republished on 27 September 2018 to reflect the addition of a heating measures section within Annex I to record the Percentage of Property Treated (POPT). Suppliers should use version 3.1 of the Deemed Scores Survey.

Amendments - 18 February 2019

ECO3 Privacy Notice - The document has been updated to cover the legal bases relied on for the processing of special categories of data in ECO3 (including the processing of data related to disability benefit).

Suppliers are required to ensure that the following wording is in a privacy notice handed to consumers:

“The Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem) will:

  • use and share your information in order to fulfil its statutory duties;
  • if requested, share your information with the installer of the measure in order to verify whether it has been notified to Ofgem;
  • if necessary, share your information with auditors contracted to ensure the integrity of the scheme.
  • when required, disclose your personal information to the Secretary of State of the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. They may use the data to review and develop Government policy, and for research and statistical purposes and may, for these purposes, link the data with other data sources they hold. They may also share some of the data with other Government Departments and with the Scottish and Welsh Governments for these purposes.

To find out more about how Ofgem processes your information, refer to the privacy policy.

ECO3 Declaration of Conformity and Completed Installation – This document was republished to reflect the introduction of smart thermostats to the ECO3 scheme.

ECO Deemed Scores Survey – This document was republished to reflect the introduction of smart thermostats and to make changes so information for Solid Wall Alternative Measures can be collected accurately.

Amendments – 17 January 2020

ECO3 Declaration of Conformity and Completed Installation & ECO3 Deemed Scores Survey - These documents were updated to incorporate changes requested by the ECO Reporting Working Groups and new PAS standards.

Amendments – 23 January 2020

ECO3 Declaration of Conformity and Completed Installation & ECO3 Deemed Scores Survey - These documents were updated to correct minor formatting errors.