Investigation into BES and its compliance with Standard Licence Condition 7.3

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Supply and Retail Market

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  • Electricity Supply Licence
  • Gas Supplier Licence

Ofgem is launching an investigation into whether BES Commercial Electricity Ltd and Business Energy Solutions Ltd (together BES) are in compliance with rules that ensure deemed rates – the rates you pay if you are not in a contract with a supplier but are using energy – are not unduly onerous for customers. 

BES is a UK-based non-domestic utilities supplier based in Lancashire. 

The investigation will examine whether BES is in compliance with the requirements of Standard Licence Condition (SLC) 7.3. Where a customer is supplied based on a deemed contract relationship, the supplier is required by SLC 7.3 to take all reasonable steps to ensure that the terms of its deemed contracts are not unduly onerous. . 

The opening of this investigation does not imply that Ofgem has made any findings about non-compliance. 

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Notes to editors 

A deemed contract normally applies if you move into new business premises, begin to use electricity and/or gas, and you don’t agree a contract with a supplier. You could also be on a deemed contract if your current contract ends but the supplier continues supplying energy that you use, if the original contract does not state what will happen at the end of a contract or does not have renewal provisions. Please note, Ofgem will not be able to offer further comments on ongoing investigations.