Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)

Contacts, guidance and resources

SEG (smart export guarantee) licensees (electricity suppliers) are obligated to publish their status as a SEG licensee as well as SEG tariff deals where it is easily accessible. 

For further information about the SEG and to apply for a SEG tariff, generators should contact SEG licensees directly. We have published a list of SEG licensees on our SEG Supplier List.

Enquiries Team 

If you have a question and can’t find an answer in our Guidance for Generators, our enquiries team will be happy to help. 

You can contact us by either email or phone: 


Phone: 0207 901 7310 

For a full list of our publications, please visit the Publications Library.

Counter fraud  

We take allegations of fraud seriously. To find out how to report suspected fraud, and our role in preventing it, please see our section on Counter Fraud. 

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