Decision on Pathway to 2030


In December 2022 we published a Revised Minded-to Decision and further consultation for the delivery models to be used for non-radial offshore transmission under the Pathway to 2030 (PT2030) workstream of the Offshore Transmission Network Review (OTNR). This was published alongside an additional draft impact assessment.

This decision document summarises the responses to our Revised Minded-to Decision and further consultation and outlines our final decision on the delivery model(s) for non-radial offshore transmission assets under the PT2030 workstream.

In particular, it confirms our Revised Minded-to Decision, giving developers the choice of either a very late competition generator build model or a late competition offshore transmission owner (OFTO) build model for delivery of non-radial offshore transmission assets. It confirms our Revised Minded-to Decision to extend the application of our Anticipatory Investment (AI) policy to assets within the scope of the PT2030 workstream.

Alongside this decision document, we have published a final impact assessment.