Minded-to Decision and further consultation on Pathway to 2030

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We previously published a consultation in July 2021 “Consultation on changes intended to bring about greater coordination in the development of offshore energy networks” and an update in January 2022, following responses to the July 2021 consultation.

Today we are publishing our minded-to decision to apply a ‘very late competition - generator build’ model to non-radial offshore transmission in scope of the Pathway to 2030 (PT2030) workstream of the Offshore Transmission Network Review (OTNR) and consultation on the consequential arrangements that may be required to implement the ‘very late competition - generator build’ model, for non-radial offshore transmission.

This document is published alongside a draft impact assessment, which sets out our assessment of our minded to decision on delivery model decision.

Within our minded-to decision and further consultation on PT2030 we also confirm our consultation position that radial offshore transmission should be delivered through one of the existing models.

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Cher-Rae Fairlie/ Viljami Yli-Hemminki

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