Switching Programme: Regulation and Governance - way forward and statutory consultation on licence modifications

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We are introducing a new dual fuel Retail Energy Code (REC) to support fast and reliable switching for consumers. This document contains statutory licence consultations to require all energy suppliers, distributors and the Data Communications Company (DCC) to accede and comply with the REC.

The document also contains statutory licence consultations to alter the Smart Meter Communication Licence held by DCC to incorporate delivery and provision of the Central Switching Service (CSS). It also introduces an obligation on all holders of a licence granted by the Authority under the Gas Act 1986 or Electricity Act 1989 to cooperate with the Authority in implementing its conclusions of an SCR.

We have published REC v1.0 which includes the transitional requirements needed to deliver the Switching Programme. We are consulting on the proposed content for REC v2.0 which will be in place at go-live of the new switching arrangements. We have also asked for views on what to include in a further iteration of the REC (REC v3.0) to achieve code consolidation and simplification.


On 30 November 2018, we published our decision and notice of licence modifications, see our decision document below.

On 1 February 2019, we published our way forward document on development of the Retail Energy Code and retail code consolidation.

On 3 May 2019, we also published our decision on margin and incentives for DCC's role within the Design, Build and Test Phase of the Switching Programme.

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