Simpler Clearer Fairer

Simpler choices

Four core tariffs for gas and electricity from each supplier, a single standing charge, advanced notice of when your fixed deal ends and more.

Clearer information

From 31 March 2014 you will get clearer bills and an annual statement showing what you have paid and what you owe, details of your supplier’s cheapest deal and a summary of your energy usage.

Fairer treatment

Suppliers must follow our new standards of conduct, which means they must treat you fairly and honestly and not give you misleading information.

Switching supplier

It’s getting easier to get a better deal on your energy – find out more in our 60 second film.

What and when

A step-by-step guide to what we are doing to simplify the energy market and when these reforms begin to bite.

Your questions answered

An A-Z of commonly asked questions and answers.

Information for business consumers

Guidance on simpler choices, clearer information and fairer treatment specific to micro-businesses.

Information for suppliers and industry

A summary of the final proposals and new standards of conduct relevant to suppliers and details of our industry working groups.

The Retail Market Review: background and publications

How to find full historical information and publications on the Retail Market Review and its predecessor, the Energy Supply Probe.