Industry codes and standards

About industry codes

Industry codes underpin the electricity and gas wholesale and retail markets. Licensees are required to maintain, become party to, or comply with the industry codes in accordance with the conditions of their licence.

    The codes

    The table below lists the industry codes and their administrators.

    The Code Administrators have developed a Central Modifications Register which details all current modifications across the codes. This spreadsheet is managed by the Code Administrators and updated by them monthly.

    We publish our decisions relevant to each code in Industry code publications: code decisions and notices



    Code Administrator


    Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) Electricity Elexon
    Connection Use of System Code (CUSC) Electricity

    National Grid ESO
    Distribution Use of System Agreement (DCUSA) Electricity Electralink
    Grid Code Electricity National Grid ESO
    Distribution Code Electricity Energy Networks Association
    System Operator - Transmission Operator Code (STC) Electricity National Grid ESO

    Uniform Network Code (UNC) Gas Joint Office of Gas Transporters
    Independent Gas Transporter UNC (iGT UNC) Gas Gemserv
    Smart Energy Code (SEC) Gas and Electricity SECAS
    Retail Energy Code (REC) Gas and Electricity REC

    In addition to the codes

    • Distribution Network Operators are required to provide a Data Transfer Service (DTS) to facilitate the electronic transfer of certain industry data - for more information see the Electralink DTS website
    • Xoserve Limited provides a range of services to support the GB gas industry, for example billing services and managing and booking of capacity. Further information on the services is available on the Xoserve website.
    • Following Retail Code Consolidation, on 1 September the Master Registration Agreement, Supply Point Administration Agreement, Green Deal Arrangements Agreement, and Smart Meter Installation Code of Practice were consolidated into the Retail Energy Code.