Replacing your Radio Teleswitch electricity meter

Find out what you need to do before support for Radio Teleswitch (RTS) meters ends in 2025.

The technology that supports RTS meters will end on 30 June 2025. Without the technology to tell RTS meters when to switch between peak and off-peak rates, they may no longer work properly, and it may mean that a consumer’s heating and hot water supply stops functioning as normal.

If you have an RTS meter, your electricity supplier will get in touch to arrange an upgrade to a smart meter before this deadline.

They must make sure you have a suitable meter installed, and that your service is not disrupted. 

We expect electricity suppliers to replace all RTS meters before the technology supporting RTS ends in June 2025, and we are assessing their progress in replacing these meters closely.

Find out if you have an RTS meter

You may have an RTS meter if: 

  • it switches between peak and off-peak tariff rates
  • it automatically turns on your heating or hot water
  • your home is heated using electric or storage heaters 
  • there is no gas supply to your area, including households in rural areas and high-rise flats

Get in touch with your electricity supplier if you’re still not sure which meter is in your home.

If you do not know who your supplier is, follow the steps on our find your energy supplier page

Upgrading to a smart meter

A smart meter will give you a similar service to your RTS meter. You’ll also get other benefits, including:

  • electricity readings submitted automatically
  • access to ‘smart meter only’ tariffs
  • the ability to monitor your energy usage
  • accurate bills based on the electricity you’ve used, not estimates

Find out more about getting a smart meter.

If you’re not able to upgrade

In some instances, your supplier may not be able to offer you a smart meter at present.

If this is the case, they must make sure you have a suitable meter installed, and that your service is not disrupted.

You should contact your supplier to understand the options available to you. 

If you do not want a smart meter

Upgrading to a smart meter is the best option for RTS customers. If you choose not to upgrade:

  • your heating and hot water may be left continually on or off
  • your electric storage heaters may charge at the wrong time of day, possibly leading to higher bills
  • your supplier may be unable confirm your electricity usage during peak or off-peak times, and your electricity costs may be higher than before
  • you’ll have a more limited choice of tariffs.

Talk to your supplier for more information.

Get support from Citizens Advice

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If you live in Scotland, you can get advice and information on