Working paper: Domestic supplier-customer communications rulebook reforms

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The energy market is in a state of rapid change. Smart meters, changes to settlement arrangements, the increasing importance of storage and demand-side response, and large increases in consumer self-supply, among many other changes, are transforming the energy market.

To take full advantage of the opportunities provided by these changes, it is essential that consumers can engage more easily and actively with the retail energy market – they must be able to quickly and easily access and understand the information they need to effectively manage their consumption and costs. The way suppliers communicate with their customers is critical to delivering these outcomes, and we consider there is considerable scope for improvement in how they do so.

This paper sets out our latest thinking on how we might amend the supply licence rules relating to customer communications so they remain fit-for-purpose in a rapidly changing market. We outline our approach to reviewing the rules, our priority areas for reform and our early views on the changes we intend to take forward.

This document will inform discussions with stakeholders as we continue to develop proposals for a policy consultation in early 2018. We particularly welcome stakeholder evidence to either support or challenge our thinking in advance of the policy consultation.