Connect to gas or electricity

How to get your home or small business connected to an energy supply, or alter a connection.

  1. Set up a gas or electricity connection

    Contact your local network company to get connected to the mains.

    Network operators own and run the gas pipes and power cables that bring energy to homes and businesses. You can use an independent connections provider for some connections too.

    A registered gas engineer or electrician can do some parts of the connection work (called ‘contestable work’). It can help bring down costs, so it’s worth asking for quotations to breakdown connection work into contestable and non-contestable costs. Network companies may need to agree or inspect this work.

    You’ll need to choose an energy supplier to get a meter installed. They will also bill you for your usage.

    Arrange this at the same time as sorting your connection with the network operator to avoid delays. 

    When you might need a connection

    You might need a new connection when you

    • are building a new property or business premises
    • are installing onsite generation - where you might generate your own heat or power
    • move to a new property and the gas or electricity doesn’t work
    • want to move an energy meter
  2. Connection costs

    The network company will quote for the cost of the work to connect your home or business. 

    You’ll probably need to pay for the connection in advance. 

    Your quotation will depend on:

    • how much work they have to do and how long it will take
    • your location
    • how much energy you’ll need suppling to the property.

    Costs are calculated using a ‘connection charging methodology’. You’ll find it on your network operators websites. 

    Ofgem approves the methodology. We don’t approve any individual charges.

  3. What your network operator must do

    • Give you terms for an energy connection within three months. This includes information on how it works out the connection charge.
    • Give transparent information to make it easy for you to connect to the mains and know their complaints process. For example, a guide on the connections process.
    • Compensate you if it does not meet guaranteed standards for performance.
  4. Alter a gas or electricity connection

    If you want to alter a connection to the mains, you should first contact your network operator.

    If you want to move your energy meter, you should contact your energy supplier.

    It’s illegal to move your own energy meter.

Further help

If you are having difficulties with a network operator or can’t resolve an issue, make a complaint.

In England and Wales, Citizens Advice can offer further advice if you need it

In Scotland, Advice Direct Scotland can help:

Ofgem can also resolve disputes with network operators in certain situations. See our Guide to determinations.