Get compensation for a supply issue

You can get compensation for some supply problems. Learn when this might apply and how you can claim.

Got a power cut or smell gas?

  • Call 105 free or visit if you have a power cut or spot cable damage.
  • Call the National Gas Emergency Service if you smell gas on 0800 111 999
  • Always call 999 in an emergency.

You can get extra help with power cuts if you sign up to a Priority Service Register. For example, if you are elderly or need power for vital medical equipment.

Check if you are entitled to compensation

You might be entitled to compensation if your gas or electricity supply goes off. What you can claim depends on:

  • if a cut is planned
  • how long it lasts for
  • if it was the network company’s fault. 

Your local network company that maintains supply on the grid is responsible for fixing power cuts and responding to claims.

You will need to contact your energy supplier if you get cut off because of a faulty energy meter or if you run out of prepayment meter credit.

The Powercut 105 website has advice on what to do in a power cut. 

Claiming compensation