Switching Programme: Proposed modifications to regulation and governance

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This document sets out our proposals for governance of the new switching arrangements, in particular the service provided by and interactions with the Central Switching Service (CSS), to be procured by the DCC. This will primarily be through a new dual fuel Retail Energy Code, which will require all energy suppliers, distributors and the Data Communications Company to accede and comply with.

We also propose to insert a new obligation on all licensees that would require them to cooperate, where appropriate, in the delivery of any Ofgem led programme that requires significant change to IT systems. We envisage that this would cover significant code projects, in particular including those programmes being taken forward as a Significant Code Review.

This document also sets out our proposals to alter the Smart Meter Communication Licence to incorporate delivery and provision of the CSS.

The status of this consultation has been changed to “Closed (with decision)” as the consultation period has passed. For more information, please see our consultation policy.

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