Supplier licence condition decision notice in response to EBSS consultation

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Supply and Retail Market


Ofgem is issuing a final decision on the changes to electricity standard licence conditions (SLC), to support the implementation of the Government Energy Bill Support Scheme (EBSS). The EBSS scheme is designed by BEIS, which outlines the application of a government funded grant to support domestic customers’ with electricity bills. This is in accordance with the policy intent outlined in the EBSS Ministerial Direction published by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS). Ofgem are supporting BEIS by providing licence condition changes to facilitate the scheme implementation, on the basis that the scheme is on balance in consumers’ interests, as set out in the BEIS Ministerial Direction.

The attached document outlines Ofgem’s final decision on the Supplier licence conditions changes including the feedback received as responses to the consultation and a high level view of EBSS timescales.