Prepayment self-disconnection and self-rationing - a call for evidence

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In our 2018 Vulnerable consumers in the energy market report we committed to further look into the issues faced by PPM customers who self-disconnect and those who self-ration their energy use to save money or limit spending in other essential areas.

We are now calling for evidence from all interested parties on the scale of PPM self-disconnection and self-rationing, the groups of consumers most at risk of experiencing detriment and the impact on these consumers. We also seek views and evidence from stakeholders on the quality of support and supplier practices in this area, including how self-disconnection and self-rationing is being monitored; and how suppliers and other organisations can work together to achieve good consumer outcomes.

This call for evidence closed on 10 December 2018. We have now published all non-confidential responses that we recieved below.