Open letter: call for engagement on insights for future regulation

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The ways energy is generated, transported and supplied to consumers are changing. The energy system is transforming from a largely centralised and carbon-intense model to one that is carbon-constrained, more decentralised, smart and flexible.


At the same time, we’re seeing new and potentially disruptive business models entering the market. Peer-to-peer developments in the accommodation and transport sectors, and the societal changes wrought by information technologies are turning established business models inside-out in ways that few were prepared for.


We know that the energy system of the future will be very different to the energy system of today. Our role as the energy markets regulator is to protect the interests of existing and future consumers. While we cannot be certain what tomorrow’s system will look like, in order to best protect consumers’ interests we need to understand what is driving system change, the likely impacts on consumers and the implications for regulation. Knowing this will help us set our future priorities for the evolution of regulatory arrangements.


That’s why we’re initiating a new process of horizon scanning to help us identify and understand these issues. For this to be successful we need your help in considering the implications of these matters for consumers and regulation. This letter explains how you can get involved and what it is that we need from you.


We look forward to hearing from anyone who feels they might have something to contribute.


How to get involved

This letter is the first step in reaching-out to those with knowledge and insight to offer. We’re casting our net to interested parties within and outside of the energy sector. We would be grateful if you would cascade this letter though your networks.


If you would like to be involved, please register your interest by emailing We’ll then get in touch with more information about the workshops and other channels of communication.


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