Meeting for Third Party Intermediaries (TPI) operating in domestic and non-domestic retail energy market

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We are holding an event for intermediaries operating in the domestic and non-domestic retail energy market. These include price comparison services, energy brokers, bill aggregators and auto-switchers. This will take place on the 27 September 2019 1pm-4.30pm at the Museum of London Docklands, London, E14 4AL.

Third Party Intermediaries (TPI) are likely to play an increasingly important role in the energy market. We are keen to make sure they can input on the issues we are considering – notably a range of policy programmes designed to enable the energy transition and improve outcomes for consumers.

We aim to encourage open discussion of policy areas impacting intermediaries, expected next steps, and ways of engaging with us on specific issues. The event also offers the opportunity to network with other industry participants and Ofgem staff.

The meeting’s agenda includes: the Microbusiness Strategic Review, next steps for the Switching Programme and Settlement reform, engaging with vulnerable consumers, the midata in energy project, and the Ofgem/BEIS future energy retail markets review.

This event was held on 27 September 2019. The material that was presented is provided via the link below. If you would like to be notified directly of future events, please email