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As we enter the New Year, the nation is facing a bout of the January blues. To fight off the Christmas comedown, Be An Energy Shopper has teamed up with personal finance expert Jasmine Birtles to provide top tips for getting financially fit in 2015.

Across the country, Brits will be putting pressure on themselves to fulfil their new fitness and dieting resolutions. In addition, many Brits are balancing a pre-Christmas pay cheque, so finances only add to the worry. But by making small changes, Brits can flex their financial muscles and save themselves over £2000 – a sure fire way to beat the blues in 2015.

Jasmine Birtles said: "Many people start the New Year making resolutions to improve their physical fitness. But it’s worth looking at the £s as well as the lbs. Getting financially fit is particularly relevant at this time of year and it can help build an attractive bank balance long-term. Whether cutting back on costly coffees, checking energy bills or bringing a packed lunch to work, this fitness plan is one where you’ll see results straight away without lowering your standard of living.”

Jasmine Birtles’ top five tips for financial fitness:

  1. Make your own lunches: annual saving £735.80
    The average office worker spends £2.83 a day on buying lunch (based on meal deals of a sandwich, drink and snack). Save your money and instead make and take your own food into work.
  2. Save on coffees: annual saving £676
    Cut back on a morning coffee each day by investing in a reusable flask. Avoiding a £2.60 medium latte each day could help you save £676 across the year.
  3. Get fit for free: annual saving £368
    An annual gym pass now costs £368 on average but there are other ways of keeping fit which won’t break the bank: try jogging round the block during your lunch break or get off a couple of stops early on your way home from work.
  4. Shop around for your energy: annual saving £200
    It’s the same gas and the same electricity, so why pay more when you don’t have to? Visit for information on how to shop around and save on your energy bills. Average savings are £200 and some will save even more.
  5. Save on calling and texting: annual saving £78
    Get cheaper mobile phone bills by picking up a basic second-hand handset and then try out a SIM-only deal for a snip of the price.

Visit the Be An Energy Shopper website for an easy guide on how to shop around for a better energy deal.


Notes to Editors

1. Be An Energy Shopper

The Be An Energy Shopper campaign was launched by Ofgem in response to consumer demand for impartial advice on how to compare tariffs in the gas and electricity markets.  An easy guide has been set up to show consumers how to set about comparing tariffs and getting a better deal on their gas and electricity bills.

The website includes:

  • new tools to help people compare the different tariffs
  • a glossary explaining the language used on bills
  • links to other useful sites, including comparison services accredited to Ofgem’s Confidence Code
  • a step-by-step guide that visitors can download and keep, or to give to friends and relatives without internet access.

2. About Ofgem

Ofgem is the GB energy regulator. Everything we do is aimed at making a positive difference for consumers. For more information on Ofgem please see our website.

3. About Jasmine Birtles

Jasmine Birtles is a broadcaster, financial expert and founder of Moneymagpie – a consumer website which focuses on making and saving money.  Her top tips are based on her work at Moneymagpie.  She is a regular contributor to various TV programmes such as This Morning, and appears on all the news channels. She commentates on consumer issues and writes for many newspapers and magazines.

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