Enabling consumers to make informed choices – Findings from the 2016 Challenge Panel

Reports, plans and updates

In August 2013, Ofgem introduced ‘broad principles’ – the Standards of Conduct – into licences. The Standards make suppliers responsible for treating customers fairly in all their interactions with them. These principles aim to improve supplier treatment of consumers and to increase trust and engagement in the energy market.

We have committed, over time, to rely more on principles rather than detailed rules about how companies should run their businesses. We think this will better protect consumers’ interests. A key area where we are currently looking to use principles is suppliers’ sales and marketing activities. We want suppliers to enable domestic consumers to make informed choices about their energy supply, including in response to sales and marketing activities. At the end of last year we held a Challenge Panel to explore how suppliers are:

  • Embedding the Standards of Conduct and the objective of treating domestic customers fairly in their current approach to sales and marketing activities; and
  • Considering how our proposals to ensure that customers are able to make informed choices may shape their future products, policies and processes.

This report outlines the main themes that emerged from the Panel; sets out our views on suppliers’ performance; and highlights examples of good practice and areas for improvement. 

If you have any questions or views relating to this report, please get in touch at FutureRetailRegulation@ofgem.gov.uk