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ECO4 Measures Table

The ECO4 Measures Table provides information on eligible energy efficiency measures which suppliers can use to meet their obligations for measures installed from 1 April 2022 until 31 March 2026. The table includes the following information for each listed measure: 

  • measure category 
  • measure type 
  • eligibility under each tenure type 
  • measure name: format for notification to Ofgem. 

Additional information has also been provided for some measures.

The measure types listed are those which are present in the partial project scores matrix. Where the measure type is not listed in the table, then New Measures and Products should be conducted.

Update 10/11/2022 (Version 1.1)

Some errors have been identified in the ECO4 Delivery Guidance measures table, we will update the table in due course. Additionally, some misinterpretations were found in the standalone version of ECO4 Measures table, version 1.1 is created to correct those.

In the meantime, we would advise to use the standalone version of the ECO4 Measures table.

  • Footnotes 3 and 6 are updated to correct the misinterpretations from the initial ECO4 Measures table v1.0.
  • Footnote 7 was also added to clarify boiler installations in social E-G tenures.
  • We updated the eligible heating measures which can be carried out to Social D tenures.  This is because some heating measures can’t be claimed as innovation measures.
  • Updated the footnote in PWIcavity in PRS E-G from 3 to 1 as different requirement apply.
  • External / Internal wall insulation is updated in two rows as different rules applies for solid and cavity wall types.
  • In the boiler measure type section, the measure type labels within this category have also been updated for greater clarity.
  • We updated the footnotes that referred to heating controls installations in PRS E-G and Social E-G tenure types. Heating controls are eligible to carried out in the following scenarios for those bands:




If carried out as part of the same project as one of:

  1. Renewable heating system
  2. First time central heating
  3. District heating connection
  4. Solid wall insulation


Social E-G

If carried out as part of the installation of one of

  1. Renewable heating system
  2. First time central heating
  3. District heating connection

As an innovation measure.

  • Included ESH/EHS clarification line under ECO4.
  • Clarified the footnote relating to solar PV, to make clear that the installation of a solar PV measure does not mean that ESH can be installed where they would not otherwise be allowed.
  • The requirements table which was present in version 1.0 have been removed. We will issue another version of the requirement’s table in the future if necessary

    ECO4 Project Forms

    The ECO4 Project Forms are used to provide evidence of measure eligibility. The forms are compulsory for ECO4 Projects where the pre-installation RdSAP/SAP project survey is carried out from 1st November 2022.However, we encourage ECO industry members to adopt to the ECO4 Project Forms as soon as possible.

    You can access the following standardised reporting templates at the bottom of this page.

    ECO4 Eligibility Requirements

    This document is intended to be used to confirm the eligibility of properties receiving measures under the ECO4 Scheme.

    ECO4 Pre-Installation Project Survey

    This form is designed to collect project-level information before the installation of measures takes place.

    ECO4 Pre-Installation Heating Checklist

    The purpose of this form is to provide assurance that heating measures installed meet ECO4 requirements. It assesses a home’s pre-main heat source and status with regard to insulation pre-conditions.

    ECO4 Post Installation Customer and Installer Declaration Form

    The purpose of this form is to capture the details of the completed project and the measure/s within it.

    ECO4 Privacy Notice

    This privacy notice tells you what to expect when we collect your personal information under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO).

    ECO4 Templates to evidence private domestic premises and social housing

    These templates are to be used in scenarios where the documents to be provided on request, as outlined in the ECO4 Delivery Guidance, are not available. For example, Land Registry extracts, or a tenancy/occupancy agreement.

    ECO4 File name convention

    The below table provides details of the file naming convention suggested by OFGEM in order to simplify the reporting process for members of the supply chain for ECO4 Projects where the pre-installation RdSAP/SAP project survey is carried out from 1st November 2022.However this is not a full list of the document’s codes, and we will publish and updated list in the following weeks. In the meantime, please use the previous naming convention where applicable.

      Document name Document code

    ECO4-Eligibility Requirements Form


    ECO4-Pre-Installation Project Survey

    03 ECO4-Pre-Installation Heating Checklist PIHC

    ECO4-Post Installation Customer and Installer Declaration Form

    05 ECO4 Privacy Notice Form PRIV