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Suppliers are required to conduct technical and score monitoring inspections on ECO measures to ensure the required standards of installation are met and measures are scored accurately. More information on our monitoring requirements can be found in Chapter 10 of our ECO2t Guidance: Delivery. This page contains information about technical and score monitoring for ECO2t. The following documents are currently available:

  • ECO2t Technical monitoring and score monitoring questions version 2.6: we have developed the questions with industry and obligated suppliers. The questions must be used for all ECO2t technical and score monitoring conducted on measures installed from 1 April 2017. The consumer contribution research questions can be used from 1 August 2017. 
    • Version 2.7: we have amended score monitoring question 5 to reflect that for measures with a date of completed installation on or after 1 February 2018 the percentage of property treated is notified by rounding to the nearest 20%, rather than the previous 10%.
  • ECO2t Explanatory notes for monitoring version 2.2: these notes offer additional guidance for answering the ECO2t technical and score monitoring questions. Version 2.2. saw the introduction of extra guidance for consumer contribution research questions, which apply from 1 August 2017.
  • ECO2t Supplementary guidance for monitoring