Ofgem’s Future Insights paper 2 -The decarbonisation of heat

Publication date
14th November 2016
Information types
Policy areas

In Spring 2016, Ofgem instigated the Insights for Future Regulation (IFR) project to help us determine how, in the face of significant uncertainty, we can best perform our primary duty to protect the interests of current and future consumers.

Over the summer we worked with stakeholders to explore a focal question: “What are the drivers of energy system and market change that have the most material impacts on consumers and implications for regulation?”

This paper is the second in our series of ”Future Insights” publications and outlines the key challenges involved with the decarbonisation of heat. It discusses how decisions might be made and potential consumer and regulatory implications.

The views expressed in this paper are emerging thinking from the project and do not represent established Ofgem or Gas and Electricity Market Authority positions.