Procurement – supplying Ofgem

As we are subject to the EU Procurement Directives, we have a number of EU compliant framework agreements that we use to procure a large amount of what we require. The EU Procurement Directives were introduced to open up the public procurement market in the EU to ensure free movement of goods, services and works.

The framework agreements provide an efficient route to market, ensure suppliers are pre-vetted and remove the need to negotiate on terms and conditions of each purchase. All of our framework agreements are advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union.

If our own frameworks can’t meet our need then we look at other routes to market. These include pan-government framework agreements, such as those set up by the Government Procurement Service, or advertising our requirements on Contracts Finder.


Ofgem views sole traders and SMEs as a valuable resource in delivering its strategic aims and is keen to encourage them to bid for its work wherever possible. This note provides guidance on Ofgem’s procurement policies and procedures to assist in bidding for work.

What we buy

We buy a range of goods and services including the following:

  1. Economic consultancy (e.g. market studies, auditing, corporate finance advice)
  2. Engineering consultancy (e.g. technical auditing, engineering costs reports)
  3. Legal services
  4. Market research
  5. IT services, hardware and consultancy

How we buy

Our main route for procuring goods and services is a range of framework agreements. Details of Ofgem’s frameworks and supplier lists are set out at each of the links; economic consultancy; engineering consultancy and legal services. We already have a number of sole traders and SMEs on our framework agreements but where a supplier is not listed, they have the option of sub-contracting to supply goods and services to Ofgem. We also use framework agreements that have been created on behalf of the wider public sector, for example CCS’s Market Research Framework 

Where there isn’t a suitable framework agreement, Ofgem seeks to advertise its requirements to the market using Contracts Finder and MyTenders. The website list all current opportunities and contain details of how suppliers can register and bid for work

Terms and conditions

We have created a set of short consultancy terms for use when contracting with sole traders and SMEs. These are intended to be simple and fair to both parties and allow for quick and easy contracting.

Further information

Please visit our website or email for further information on our policies and procedures.

Sustainable procurement

We recognise our responsibility to the environment and where possible seek to demonstrate this through our purchasing activities. In August 2010 we achieved the Gold Level standard of the Mayor of London’s Green Procurement Code and we continually search for ways in which we can buy sustainably.

CIPS certification

We achieved the Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply (CIPS) certification and the Standard of Excellence in March 2010. This is the recognised global accreditation for achieving procurement excellence through an organisation's procurement and supply chain policies, procedures and strategies.

We were the first UK Regulatory Body to achieve CIPS certification and it independently benchmarks us against best in class and meets ISO 9001:2000 purchasing requirements. We now have peer group recognition from our stakeholders and this Standard will set the foundation stone for further and continuous improvement. We maintain high ethical standards and deploy robust, fair and transparent procurement processes.

Framework agreements

Our most commonly used framework agreements are our economic, legal and technical framework agreements. Sourcing lists for each framework agreement can be found below.

Contact us

We have a small team that is responsible for procuring a wide range of goods and services as well as contract management activities.

The team can be contacted at

Details of contract opportunities can be found at

Publications and updates

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