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Mae’r dudalen yma ar gael yn Gymraeg.

Cookies are small text files which are placed on your computer or mobile phone when you browse a website. Almost all websites use them.

Our website ( uses cookies. They help us to provide, protect and improve your online experience with us.

For example, we use cookies to remember:

  • your search settings
  • if you have accepted our terms and conditions
  • your preferences for text size.

Giving us permission to use cookies

When you visit our website a cookie message will appear on the left hand side of the page asking you to accept or reject our recommended settings. In keeping with ICO requirements, you will not be able to browse the website until you have made a decision. If you change, your mind about the decision you have made you can always change your settings again by clicking on the cog in the bottom left hand side of the web page.

The table below provides a summary of cookies that are turned on or off when you accept or reject our settings.

Cookie category Accept recommended settings Reject all    
Necessary cookies Y Y  
Analytics cookies Y N  
User research Y N  

Necessary cookies

These are cookies that enable our website’s core functionality. You may disable these by changing your browser settings, but doing so could affect your experience of particular website functions.
Should you wish to remove or not use necessary cookies from our website, you can learn how to do this in ‘Turning Cookies Off’ below.  Doing so will likely mean that our website will not work as you would expect.

Analytics cookies

These cookies help us understand how people use our website and so help us improve your experience. The data we collect using analytical cookies is anonymised, so does not hold any information, which could identify who you are.

User research cookies

These cookies help us to gather feedback from you to improve the website. This includes surveys, heat maps and from time to time recorded sessions which help us to understand how you use the website.

Cookies we use




Necessary cookies




Saves the users’ preference over the font-size used on the site. Only added if the user interacts with the font size option on the website.

2 Days


Removes the cookie banner from appearing on all pages once a user has given permission to use cookies.

99 Days


Tells the browser than JavaScript is enabled and can be run on the website.



Saves which banners have been closed by the user and stops them from reappearing.

6 Days


Drupal session identification cookie.

23 Days

DataTables_Data Tables_Table_0_/

Used by Drupal to allow the filtering and configuration of the Publications libraries.



Set by CloudFlare on behalf of Piktochart. According to CloudFlare it is used to
override any security.

364 Days

Analytics cookies




Set by Google Analytics and used to distinguish users.

2 Years


Set by Google Analytics and used to distinguish users.

24 Hours


Used to throttle request rate.

1 Minute


Security  cookie  from  Google to  protect  users’  data  from unauthorised access.

90 Days


Unique identifiers and login information relate

2 Years


Set by Hotjar so subsequent visits to the site, or to other pages will be recorded as the same random, unique user

365 days

_hjIncludedInSam ple

Whether to include the current user ID in the sample to generate funnels

365 days


Used by Siteimprove to gather usage statistics of the website

999 Days


This cookie name is associated with the Amazon Web Services Elastic Load Balancing functionality for routing client request on the server



Used by Siteimprove for analytics



Cookie set by Cloudflare to protect the website, manage traffic and maximize resources

364 Days

_gat_piktov3 Temporary cookie deleted once Piktochart is loaded. 1 Minute
_ga Set by Google, on behalf of Piktochart, Analytics and used to distinguish users. 729 Days
_gid Set by Google, on behalf of Piktochart, Analytics and used to distinguish users. 23 Hours
cf_use_ob Set by Cloudflare on behalf of Piktochart 1 Minute
Used by Google for
YouTube videos, Google Maps, and other related Google products.
Research cookies    
IDE Advertising cookie set by Google. 305 Days
qca Used by Quantcast to measure audience data from visitors 391 Days
d Generic cookie 89 Days
UserMatchHistory This cookie is used to track visitors so that more relevant ads can be presented based on the visitor's preferences. 29 Days
bcookie This is a Microsoft MSN 1st party cookie for sharing the content of the website via social media 730 Days

Store the users current language

lidc This is a Microsoft MSN 1st party cookie that ensures the proper functioning of this website 23 hours
SOMOID Media cookie 3 Days

Anonymous visitor statistics cookies

We use cookies to compile visitor statistics which help us to continuously improve our website. This includes tracking things like:

  • how many people have visited our website
  • what type of technology they are using (e.g. Mac or Windows which helps to identify when our website isn't working as it should for particular technologies)
  • how long they spend on the website
  • what page they look at, etc.

 Analytics programmes also tell us, on an anonymous basis, how people have reached our website (e.g. from a search engine) and whether they have visited before. The tool we use is Google Analytics.

To find out more about the cookies Google uses visit Google’s Cookie Privacy and Terms.

You can opt out of Google Analytics tracking by installing this add-on.

On specific pages we also use Qualtrics.  Qualtrics allows us to ask for your feedback through a survey when you have taken specific actions, such as completing a form. It helps us to understand how satisfied you feel about your interaction with the website or a service, and to learn more about the effectiveness of your interaction.

To find out more about the cookies Qualtrics uses, visit Qualtric’s Privacy Policy

Across the Ofgem Site we use Quantcast Measure to better understand our audiences and how we can better write for you. If you do not wish your visits to the Ofgem site to included, could can Opt Out of Quantcast's Interest Based Tracking.

To find out more about the cookie Quantcast uses, visit Quantcast's Privacy Policy.

Managing cookies

All major browsers allow you to switch off and manage the cookies that they accept and store. To find out how to use these options, please follow the appropriate link for your browser:

Changes to this cookie policy

We regularly review our cookie policy. We last updated our cookie policy on 1 April 2020.

Ofgem’s privacy policy

If you want to find out more about privacy at Ofgem, please see our Privacy Policy.

How to contact us

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