Get compensation for problems switching energy suppliers

You can get £30 or more from either your old or new energy supplier for mistakes or delays switching your household energy supply.

Delays switching supplier

Suppliers must switch your electricity or gas supply from your old supplier to your new supplier within 5 working days. If they do not, your new supplier must pay you £30. The £30 will be paid automatically into either your energy account or bank account.

If your supply is switched by mistake

You could also get £30 if your energy supply is switched by mistake. You must contact your old supplier and let them know. They have 21 working days to switch you back after the mistake has been made. This is called an ‘erroneous transfer’ in our rules that suppliers must follow as part of their energy licence.

If this happens your new supplier will automatically pay you £30 for the mistake . They should pay this within 10 working days of the date they agree a mistake was made. They will either send you a cheque or pay directly into your bank account.

Extra compensation if there are delays switching or fixing mistakes

Suppliers have to pay you compensation you are entitled to within 10 working days. If they do not , they have to pay you an extra £30. This is part of our ‘Supplier Guaranteed Standard of Performance’ . These standards make sure that suppliers put things right and that you are paid for a problem that was their fault.

You can also get an extra £30 in compensation if:

  • the supplier takes more than 20 working days to reply to you after telling them about the switching mistake
  • your old and new suppliers take more than 20 working days to agree whether your switch was correct - they will each pay you £30 if this happens
  • your old supplier takes more than 21 working days to re-register your supply once they know about the mistake

You cannot claim compensation if your supplier has gone out of business. Read what to do if your supplier goes bust.