Green Gas Support Scheme and Green Gas Levy

Apply to Green Gas Support Scheme (GGSS) or log into the GGSS portal as a scheme participant

You can apply directly to the Green Gas Support Scheme (GGSS) online by creating an account and registering your organisation.

You can find the information and steps you need to apply on our GGSS portal or by reading the guidance on our website.

Use our quick eligibility checker on the GGSS portal to find out if you should apply.

Once you have an account and organisation set up, you can apply for a preliminary tariff guarantee (or stage 1 application).

You can use your account to: 

  • add new applications to your organisation
  • check the status of your application 
  • save applications in progress

Apply or login to your account

Click to apply

Log in as a licensed gas supplier to the Green Gas Levy (GGL) portal

You can view or complete obligations online through your account on the GGL portal.

You can use your account to:

  • submit meter point data for a gas supply licence
  • view the status of a meter point submission for a gas supply licence

Find information and guidance on what you need to do by reading our Green Gas Levy resources, including the Green Gas Levy guidance for suppliers

Accessing your account 

If you’ve sent us your levy contact information, we’ll set up an account for you. We’ll send you an email confirming this on 7 February 2022. You’ll need to:

  • follow the link to the portal
  • select ‘Forgot your password?’ 
  • follow the prompts to create a new password, and use the email address at which you received this message 
  • Microsoft will send you a verification code - check your spam folder if you do not receive it
  • the password you create must have at least 14 characters
  • sign in using the same email address and new password

You will not be able to create a new account or use a different email address.

If you're a new gas supplier and need to create an account, email

Submitting data

For your first data submission, third party meter point data will not be available for you to confirm. 

When you sign in to the portal, you’ll be asked to confirm third party data even though there are no meter points shown for you to confirm.

To submit your data:

  1. Select ‘Review’ next to the relevant licence. 
  2. Select ‘Change’. 
  3. Submit your meter point data.  

This is a temporary process until we update our systems. 


Apply or login into your GGL account

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