Supplier Guaranteed Standard of Performance: switch speed decision


Publication date

Industry sector

Supply and Retail Market

Licence type

  • Electricity Supply Licence
  • Gas Supplier Licence

We consulted on changes to the Supplier Guaranteed Standard of Performance (GSoP) 6ZA in our Supplier Guaranteed Standards of Performance for Switching: consultation in September 2023.

As part of an energy supplier’s licence, a supplier has to switch a customer’s electricity or gas supply within 5 working days.

Suppliers must currently pay customers £30 compensation if the switch is not completed within 15 working days. This is part of the supplier Guaranteed Standards of Performance.

The proposed changes to the Supplier Guaranteed Standards of Performance shorten this time from 15 to 5 working days. This will mean that the new standards will be the same as the licence.

Consultation outcome

We received positive feedback to the proposed changes and have decided to make the change.

The change is only for households or people who run their business from home and are on a domestic energy tariff.

Next steps

The supplier Guaranteed Standards of Performance regulations will be updated to reflect this change. Suppliers must follow these new rules from 1 April 2024.