Open Letter Decision on the Future of Gas Price Controls


Publication date

Industry sector

  • Transmission Network
  • Distribution Network

On 10 March 2023, we published a consultation on frameworks for future systems and network regulation, which considered the overarching framework design for the network price controls that would replace the existing RIIO-2 controls that run until March 2026. As part of this consultation, we asked stakeholders whether we should delay the next full price controls for the gas sector until 2028, and implement a short-term control to cover the two year from 2026 to 2028.

This letter describes our decision not to introduce a short-term control, and instead to develop a medium-term ex-ante price control for the gas networks, starting in 2026. It explains how we arrived at this conclusion, and indicates the next steps in the process, in order to help gas network companies to start planning for the next price control review as effectively as possible at this stage.