Decision on DCP405 – Access SCR Managing Curtailable Connections between Licensed Distribution Networks


We have approved Distribution Connection and Use of System Agreement (DCUSA) DCP405 – Access SCR: Managing Curtailable Connections between Licensed Distribution Networks to implement our Access SCR Decision and Direction from 1 April 2023. DCP405 seeks to introduce obligations at the boundary between licensed distribution network operators and to ensure that customers are treated equitably when they opt to connect to either a DNO or an IDNO network.

We published our Decision and associated Direction on the Access and Forward-looking Charges Significant Code Review (Access SCR) in May 2022 (the ‘Access Decision’ and ‘Access Direction’). Our reforms aim to ensure that electricity networks are used efficiently and flexibly, reflecting users’ needs and allowing consumers to benefit from new technologies and services while avoiding unnecessary costs on energy bills in general.

The implementation of the Access reforms will lead to reduced connection charges, and better defined and standardised access right options, enabling more flexible access rights, reducing barriers to entry and supporting the transition to net zero.

DCP405 is one of five complementary change proposals brought forward for decision by the Authority, which collectively aim to implement the Access Decision. DCP404 and DCP405 are closely interrelated as DCP405 ensures the reforms developed under DCP404 are applied consistently across DNO and IDNO networks and uses definitions developed as part of DCP404.