Decision on accelerating onshore electricity transmission investment


The British Energy Security Strategy set out the Government's ambition to connect up to 50GW of offshore generation to the electricity network by 2030. Facilitating this ambition will require significant reinforcements to the onshore electricity transmission network and a change to the current regulatory framework in order to accelerate delivery of large projects.

In August 2022 we consulted on how Ofgem could support the accelerated delivery of the strategic electricity transmission network upgrades needed to meet the Government's 2030 renewable electricity generation ambitions.

This document contains our decision to introduce a new Accelerated Strategic Transmission Investment (ASTI) framework. We set out the initial list of ASTI projects, our decision on exempting strategic projects from competition, the new process for assessing and funding ASTI projects and the range of measures we are introducing to protect consumers against additional risks that changing the process brings.