DCC review: Phase 1 Decision


Publication date


Industry sector

Supply and Retail Market

Licence type

Smart Meter Communication Licence

In September 2022 we published a consultation concluding the first, scoping phase of our ongoing review of the regulatory arrangements for the Data Communications Company (DCC). It presented our analysis and findings to date and invited stakeholder views to inform our way forward.

This document sets out our conclusions on the following key questions we consulted on: the basis for the design of the future regulatory model for DCC and the need for an extension to the current Licence. We also present our considerations and next steps in relation to two main policy areas: determining the future role of DCC and price control changes.

We will now proceed to a second, detailed design phase to develop the new regulatory model. We will host a virtual stakeholder workshop in November 2023 to seek views on our further consultation proposals. Please register your interest in the workshop by sending us an email at DCCregulation@ofgem.gov.uk.