Supplier Licensing Review: Ongoing requirements and exit arrangements

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We are reviewing our approach to supplier licensing, to ensure that appropriate protections are in place against poor customer service and financial instability. Our new entry requirements came into effect in July 2019. The new requirements for applications for licences aimed to strengthen the criteria we use to assess supply licence applications, and amend the process for applying for a licence. This policy consultation and draft Impact Assessment sets out our proposals for the next stage of the Supplier Licensing Review, comprising a package of proposals for ‘ongoing requirements’ on suppliers operating in the market and ‘exit arrangements’ to mitigate the negative effects of supplier exit. These proposals seek to ensure suppliers have effective risk management processes in place, maintain appropriate governance, increase accountability,enhance our market oversight, and improve the SoLR experience.  

Please send responses to this consultation on or before 03 December 2019 to: or in writing to Vlada Petuchaite or James Proudfoot, Senior Manager, Industry Codes and Licensing, Ofgem, 10 South Colonnade, Canary Wharf, London, E14 4PU.

We prefer to receive responses by e-mail.

The status of this consultation has been changed to “Closed (with decision)” as the consultation period has passed. For more information, please see our consultation policy.

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