Price Cap - final consultation on updating the PPM SMNCC allowance

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This consultation is the third in a series of three consultations that will lead to a decision in August 2021 to set the PPM level of the the smart metering allowance (the Smart Metering Net Cost Change or SMNCC allowance) in cap period seven and cap period eight. We have published a separate consultation for smart meters in credit mode. In this paper, we consult on common and differing cost methodologies across PPM and credit as well as setting and calculating the PPM specific rollout profile.

We seek views from stakeholders on the issues and proposed options set out in this paper. If you wish to respond to this consultation, please send your views to by Tuesday 15 June 2021.

Update 30/04: We have now updated this page with the draft Annex 5 model attached.

Update 01/06: We have now published a short addendum to this consultation here. Given the publication of this addendum, we are extending the closing date for this consultation from Friday 11 June 2021 to Tuesday 15 June 2021