Future System Operator - Draft amendments to other impacted licences

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We are consulting on draft amendments to other impacted licences which would be required once the Secretary of State designates and grants licences to the Future System Operator (FSO) under the Energy Act 2023. We anticipate modifications to the following licences would be required:

  1. Electricity Transmission Standard Licence Conditions
  2. National Grid Electricity Transmission plc Special Conditions
  3. Scottish Power Transmission and Scottish Hydro Electric Transmission Special Conditions
  4. Electricity Generation Standard Licence Conditions
  5. Electricity Interconnector Standard Licence Conditions
  6. Electricity Supply Standard Licence Conditions
  7. Electricity Distribution Standard Licence Conditions
  8. Electricity Distribution Special Conditions (including additional changes to Scottish Hydro Distribution Special Conditions only)
  9. Smart Meter Communication Licence
  10. National Gas Transmission plc (NGT) Gas Transporter Licence (Part C) Special Conditions
  11. Gas Transporter Standard Special Conditions (Part A)
  12. Gas Transporter Standard Licence Conditions

This non-statutory consultation includes the proposed amendments that we believe are not impacted by the proposed policy direction for the FSO’s regulatory framework. In 2024, Ofgem and government intend to undertake a statutory consultation (using the Energy Act 2023 powers) on the proposed conditions of the FSO’s licences, ahead of FSO designation. We also intend to publish a statutory consultation on the proposed modifications to all of the licences listed above.

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