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The price cap has helped to drive down supplier costs and protect consumers from a volatile market. 

However, as we reflect on lessons from recent significant market volatility, and look to a future where the retail market will need to be considerably more dynamic, it is clear that the cap in its current form has some limitations and reform is needed to ensure it can continue to protect consumers as the retail market evolves.

This is part of our work to open the discussion around price protection in the future retail market - including our publications on standing charges, affordability and debt, and the ban on acquisition tariffs. This discussion paper sets out the successes and challenges of the cap alongside a broad spectrum of options for evolving consumer price protection. 

We want to stimulate debate on whether there is a case for changing the current cap and whether there are alternatives that will better protect consumers. We welcome views from people with an interest in domestic energy pricing. We particularly welcome responses from consumer groups and charities, suppliers and investors. We would also welcome responses from other stakeholders and the public. 

How to respond

We are seeking written comments on the questions set out in the discussion paper by Friday 10 May 2024.

Please use the Future of Domestic Price Protection form to tell us your views.

Alternatively, you can email future_price_protection@ofgem.gov.uk if you want to provide other documents such as PDFs (pdf), Word (doc) or Excel (xls) as part of your response.