Supplier Performance Report (SPR)

About The SPR

The Supplier Performance Report (SPR) documents incidents where energy suppliers have not complied with their obligations under the environmental, energy efficiency and social programmes we administer on behalf of the government.

The report covers incidents on the following schemes;

  • Feed-in Tariffs (FIT)
  • Energy Company Obligation (ECO)
  • Warm Home Discount (WHD)
  • Renewables Obligation (RO)
  • Smart Export Guarantee (SEG)
  • Offtaker of Last Resort (OLR)
  • Fuel Mix Disclosure (FMD)
  • Green Gas Levy (GGL)

We publish this data for transparency of the delivery and administration of government schemes, to ensure they promote consumer interests. It also helps to hold suppliers to account for non-compliance on schemes, collectively worth more than £8.7 billion per year.

Incidents of non-compliance can increase the costs of delivering and administering the schemes, which can be passed on to consumers through energy bills.

As the administrator, we are committed to ensuring the schemes work as effectively as possible and deliver the intended benefits to consumers without unnecessary cost.

Changes to the SPR

In June 2019 we conducted a review of the SPR with a view to enhancing its value for stakeholders. Following consultation with suppliers, we have changed the frequency of the report from annually to every six months and we have also changed the way in which the information is presented. The change will give the reader more information on the specific areas where non-compliances have occurred, in addition to the volume of incidents.

It should be noted that the way in which we manage non-compliances, and the way they are scored remains unchanged.

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