Submit data as an agent

When should agents submit data?

Agents have two months after the month of generation to submit their data to Ofgem to obtain Northern Ireland Renewables Obligation Certificates (NIROCs). The timelines for data submission and certificate issue are published annually. This flow diagram provides an example of this timeline:

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For annual submissions, readings should be taken on 31 March and submitted to us by 31 May. NIROCs for data submitted in this period will then be issued in June (providing there are no issues with the data).

How should agents submit data?

Monthly Data

Monthly data can be submitted on the Renewables and CHP Register. For more information on how to submit monthly data please refer to our guidance for generators.

Annual Data

NIROCs are normally issued annually for micro generators and these are amalgamated for agents. ROCs will be issued for amalgamated output data where each generator in the group:

  • has a DNC of 50kW or less
  • has the same generation technology type
  • is accredited under the same Order
  • is claiming NIROCs for the same period (annually)

We have a standard spreadsheet-based template (populated with all micro generating stations that the agent represents) that can be used for submitting output data. This will be emailed to agents at the end of the obligation period each year (the end of March). If an agent believes any stations are missing from the template provided or there are any other questions please contact us at

REGO Declarations

Some agents may also have applied and been accredited under the Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGO) scheme. Those agents will need to sign and send back a REGO declaration form with the amalgamated NIROC template for the relevant generating stations. REGOs are then provided alongside the NIROCs.

What happens if data is submitted late?

Each request for the acceptance of late data is considered on a case by case basis and will usually involve the need to provide reasoning for the data being submitted late and informing us of how you will avoid this in the future.

For further information on how late data and data amendments are dealt with please refer to our guidance for agents.

Can agents estimate data?

If an agent satisfies us that a generating station will never be able to provide accurate data (e.g. if a meter fails) then we can accept an estimated reading. Data estimates should be conservative – don’t overestimate the amount generated - and the method agreed in advance of submitting the output data.

An agent can also use pro-rating in the situation where the start and end meter readings do not correspond with the start and end of the obligation period. For further information please refer to our guidance for agents.

Need help?

Email or phone 0207 901 7310 and choose option 2 for the renewables team.