Taking charge: selling electricity to Electric Vehicle drivers


By 2030 there are likely to be 14 million EVs on our roads. We want to enable the development of innovative products, services and tariffs that support EV uptake and decarbonisation at lowest cost.

In the last 5 years, around 100 organisations have approached the Innovation Link about EV innovations, covering chargepoints, network connections, products and tariffs, supply arrangements, and vehicle to grid models. The thing we get asked most regularly about are the rules around supplying electricity for EV charging.

This guide distils the 8 charging models we’ve encountered and clarifies what rules apply. It doesn’t cover technical standards or network connections, but provides links to other helpful resources.

We expect this broadcast to be useful for innovators, chargepoint operators, local authorities, EV drivers, fleet operators, trade associations, investors, and innovation support providers.”