Statutory consultation on proposed modifications to Offshore Transmission Licences

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Offshore Transmission Network

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Electricity Offshore Transmission Licence


Update: On 4 September 2020, the Authority published a revised Appendix D, replacing the previous version, and setting out the notice of proposed modifications to the licences held by Humber Gateway OFTO Limited and TC Westermost Rough OFTO Limited. Any representations in relation to Appendix D may now be made on or before 2 October 2020.   

The Authority is proposing a number of modifications to offshore transmission owner (OFTO) licences. These fall into three main groupings:

  1. proposed modifications for all OFTO licences to amended standard condtion E12-J3, as set out in the Decision Document published by the Authority in November 2018;
  2. proposed minor and clarificatory modifications for all OFTO licences to amended standard condition E12-J3, that have not been the subject of any previous consultation; and
  3. proposed modifications to certain OFTO licences to amend particular conditions to align with other OFTO licences, also not the subject of previous consultation.

The Authority is consulting on these amendments under section 11A of the Electricity Act 1989, and is seeking views by 24 September 2020.

The Authority is also seeking views from potential bidders for future licences, including preferred bidders where already identified, on the proposed modifications to E12-J3, which we also propose to make to all future OFTO licences.

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