RIIO-2 Cyber Guidelines Draft Consultation


Publication date

Industry sector

  • Distribution Network
  • Transmission Network

Following our Sector Specific Methodology Decision, network companies are due to submit Business Plans for the RIIO-2 period on the 9 December 2019. To assist in developing Cyber Resilience plans we said we would publish guidance to support network operators in formulating these plans.

Ofgem has now developed a set of draft Cyber Resilience guidance documents, to assist in RIIO-2 Operational Technology (OT) Cyber Resilience planning.

Ofgem is seeking feedback on these draft guidelines and we may then issue revised versions, which might also incorporate changes arising from the forthcoming NCSC CAF review.

Please provide feedback by 11 October 2019 to the following address: RIIO2Cyber@ofgem.gov.uk.

There is a link on right hand side of the page to the RIIO-2 Cyber Reslience Guidelines - published in February 2020