Open letter on future reform to the electricity connections process

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This open letter sets out our position on electricity connections reform.

With the government’s recent ’Powering up Britain’ publication promising to deliver the new nuclear, offshore wind and solar generation essential to achieve our decarbonisation goals, ensuring these assets can connect when and where they are needed will be crucial in achieving net zero, delivering affordability for consumers and maintaining security of supply.

Customers seeking to connect to the network are experiencing significant delays, across all voltage levels, with some customers being offered connection dates in the late 2030s. We are committed to working with industry to take any actions necessary to ensure that the situation improves rapidly and significantly.

Today we are setting out our core objective for reform and our plans to review connection arrangements, alongside government and industry.

We invite stakeholders to submit any written feedback to by 16 June 2023.

Additionally, we are hosting a webinar on connections reform on 14 June 2023 from 2:30-4:00PM. Register for attendance at this event and find out more at: Ofgem Webinar on Future Reform to the Electricity Connections Process.